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MIP: Results of Information Campaign on Facilitated Entry into Universities for Youth from Eastern Ukraiene, Crimea

This year, Open Policy Foundation together with the Ministry of Education and Science and the Ministry of Information Policy of Ukraine have prepared and distributed more than 35,000 copies of printed products with information regarding facilitated entry into universities for school leavers from eastern Ukraine and Crimea.

Within the framework of the information campaign, videoclips were displayed on 588 monitors of Ukrzaliznytsia, and posters were placed in 69 trains and 966 compartments. Starting from March, banners and step-by-step instructions were placed at all entry-and-exit checkpoints in cooperation with the State Migration Service of Ukraine. The website “Accessible Education” was updated, with a Google map and contacts of all Education Centres and schools providing distance learning, registration-free video lessons, and comprehensive information on educational matters.

The results of the information campaign were announced at a press conference titled “Education for Territories Not Governed by Ukraine”, held at the Ukrinform news agency on August 28th.

The press conference also featured preliminary results of the admission campaign, the work of the “hotline” maintained by Open Policy Foundation, and educational needs, challenges, strategic priorities, and specific solutions for ensuring access to quality education to people affected by the war.

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