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MIP: Film "Bon Appetit" Presented in Kyiv

On 10 July 2019, the short feature film "Bon Appetit", created on the orders of the Ministry of Information Policy of Ukraine, was presented in Kyiv.
The film tells the story of two cooks, Mykola from Ukraine and Patrick from France, who managed to combine the gastronomical opportunities of Ukraine and France and create a new unique taste.
"This is an example of what emanates from the soul, of how we want foreigners to see Ukraine. I believe that we have managed to create a series of films about Ukraine, and a series of stories about Ukrainians, that really inspire others to come and stay here," said Artem Bidenko, the State Secretary of the Ministry of Information Policy of Ukraine.
The idea of the film belongs to the Ministry, and was translated into life by the Best Friends Film company.
The presentation was followed by a workshop on cooking the dishes featured in the film. All the guests were able to have a go at cooking varenyky themselves.
The event was attended by members of diplomatic missions, officials, artists, and young people.
The film "Bon Appetit" is a sequel to the last-year film "Djakuyu", which features a Japanese man travelling about Ukraine and showing it to global audiences.

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