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Gender Equality. Your Profession, Your Choice

Within the framework of promoting European integration, the Ministry of Information Policy of Ukraine presents a communication campaign under the motto "Your Profession, Your Choice," designed to advance gender equality in society.

The campaign includes five videoclips showing that professions are gender-unrelated. They tell the stories of a male confectioner and a female rugby player; a male florist and a female electrician; a business lady and a male nursery teacher; and male and female office workers, thus seeking to challenge social stereotypes of "male" and "female" professions.

Gender equality is core to the system of human rights and to the values of the United Nations (UN). One of the fundamental principles of the UN Charter, adopted by world powers back in 1945, is the "equality of men and women," and the protection and promotion of women's righrs as a responsibility of each State.

The videoclips have been recognised as public social advertising and are being shown on national and regional TV channels, at cinema halls, and on the Internet.

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