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MIP: Information Security in Terms of Euro-Atlantic Integration Discussed in Kyiv

On 11 March 2019, the Deputy Minister of Information Policy of Ukraine, Dmytro Zolotukhin, spoke at a round table titled “Information and Cyber Security in Terms of Euro-Atlantic Integration,” organised by the Chair of the Verkhovna Rada Committee on Foreign Affairs.

The speakers discussed specific measures designed to create a reliable system of protection against and resistance to Russia’s hybrid aggression against Ukraine in compliance with NATO and EU standards.

The Deputy Minister stressed that the development of a resilient and effective security mechanism in the information field required taking into account the tactics that Russia had already used to discredit Ukraine. Mr Zolotukhin called for downloading “White Book of Special Information Operations against Ukraine 2014-2018,” created by the Ministry, to learn the Kremlin’s hostile narratives and keep them in mind in further work.

The White Book was presented. on February 12th. The Ministry has distributed more than 260 copies of the book, with the e-copy having been downloaded more than 700 times.

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