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Tvoia Kraina Fest: Results of Ukrainian Music Festival

On 10 October 2018, a press conference on the results of Tvoia Kraina Fest, a Ukrainian music festival held in seven frontier towns with the support of the Ministry of Information Policy of Ukraine, took place at the press centre of Ukrinform news agency.

“It is for the first time that the festival of such a scale, supported by government, has been held in remote frontier towns. Looking back, there is only one thing I can say: we have received such positive feedback that we will definitely move forward,” the Adviser to the Minister of Information Policy of Ukraine, Maryna Sobotiuk, was quoted as saying.

Thousands of people turned out at the concerts of the festival, featuring the bands “Mandry”, “Antytila”, “Tartak”, GrozovSka Band, Ivanka Chervinska, Maria Burmaka, and Gypsy Lyre.

“We have gathered prominent artists, each of whom has their audience. There was no consistency in the format, we had different kinds of music performed -- and this partly explains why the festival was brought off successfully,” said Serhiy Fomenko (Foma), frontman of the band “Mandry”.

The key idea of the festival is to promote the Ukrainian language through good modern music in towns which popular Ukrainian artists often miss out in their tours.

“We are really looking forward to the followup of the festival in any way -- be it educational events, concerts, conferences. It can be anything, and we the artists will eagerly back it up in any corner of Ukraine,” said Maria Burmaka, People’s Artist of Ukraine.

“It is clear that for artists simply to go and sing in a frontier settlement is not a be-all and end-all, this has to be part of a systemic policy. I see it happening, and it is very nice,” added Taras Topolia, frontman of the band “Antytila”.

On 29 September 2018, the festival took place in Sarny (Rivne Region, bordering Belarus); on 22 September, in Novoselytsia (Chernivtsi Region, bordering Romania and Moldova); on 15 September, in Mukachevo (Zakarpattia Region, bordering Hungary); on 8 September, in Konotop (Sumy Region, bordering Russia).

On 24 August, the festival was held in frontline Mariupol (Donetsk Region); on 18 August, in Henichesk (Kherson Region), close to the administrative border with occupied Crimea; on 11 August, in Izmail (Odesa Region), near the border with Romania.

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