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Tvoia Kraina Fest: Results of the First Stage of the Festival

On 6 September 2018, a press conference titled “Tvoia Kraina Fest in Izmail, Henichesk and Mariupol. Results of the First Stage of the Festival” took place at the press centre of Ukrinform, a news agency.

The Adviser to the Minister of Information Policy of Ukraine, Maryna Sobotiuk, stressed that the festival is being held pursuant to the Decree by the President of Ukraine “On Urgent Measures to Strengthen the State Status of the Ukrainian Language and Promote the Establishment of the Single Cultural Space of Ukraine”.

“Language cannot be imposed, you cannot make people speak it. You need to inure the love for it through Ukrainian songs, Ukrainian poetry, Ukrainian films, you need to make it trendy. There is considerable interest in Ukraine and the Ukrainian language in the world,” she noted.

Serhiy Fomenko (Foma), frontman of the band “Mandry”, said that in August, concerts were held mostly in Russian-speaking towns, namely Izmail, Henichesk, and Mariupol. “After our festival people went back home, so to say, being more Ukrainian than before. People want Ukrainian music, [they] lean towards Ukrainian culture. The format of a music festival is the best one for ‘soft Ukrainisation’. We will carry on with even more energy,” the musician added.

Mariia Burmaka, People’s Artist of Ukraine, noted that the results of the first three concerts had surpassed all expectations. “In each town, the concerts brought off fantastically. It looked as if people there had been waiting for us all their life. It really pulled on the heartstrings,” the singer said.

Olena Hrozovska, frontwoman of GrozovSka Band, said she was sure the organisation of the festival was indicative of the emergence of the state cultural policy. “Such festivals are simply a must. This is completely the right strategy. I believe it should be expanded thematically in the future. The youth is concerned not only with music, but also theatre and visual arts,” she stressed.

In his turn, Oleksandr Maksymchuk from Intercolor arts agency noted that Tvoia Kraina Fest was a striking example of efficacious public-private partnership.

On 8 September 2018, Tvoia Kraina Fest, a Ukrainian music festival, will take place in Konotop, Sumy Region, with the support of the Ministry of Information Policy of Ukraine. The event is set to begin in Myru Avenue, near Central Park of Culture and Rest, at 5:00pm.

Songs performed by Foma and the band “Mandry”, “Antytila”, GrozovSka Band, Mariia Burmaka and Gypsy Lyre will be heard near the border with Russia.

On 24 August 2018, on the Independence Day of Ukraine, Tvoia Kraina Fest took place in frontline Mariupol, Donetsk Region. On 11 August 2018, Tvoia Kraina Fest took place in Izmail (Odesa Region, border with Romania); on 18 August, in Henichesk, close to the administrative border with occupied Crimea. On 15 September, the festival takes place in Mukacheve (Zakarpattia Region, bordering Hungary); on 22 September, Novoselyshche (Chernivtsi Region, bordering Romania and Moldova); on 29 September, Sarny (Rivne Region, bordering Belarus).

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