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Advisors of the Ministry of Information Policy

Oleksandr BRYHYNETS is a public activist and politician, people’s deputy of the Verkhovna Rada of the 7th convocation, deputy of the Kyiv Council of the 5th and 6th convocations, journalist and television producer.

Heo LEROS is director, curator and founder of Art United Us, one of the largest international art projects.

Volodymyr ZHEMCHUHOV is Adviser to the Minister on Educational Projects, Hero of Ukraine.

Myroslav ILYASH is Adviser to the Minister on Cooperation with Force Structures of Special Purpose in the Field of Information Security.

Yulia KAZDOBINA is an analyst with extensive experience in studying Russian-speaking identity in Ukraine in the context of the conflict with Russia, the role of the volunteer movement in democratic transformations, the public perception of the idea of giving Crimea the status of the Crimean Tatar autonomy, the issues of the blockade and economic sanctions, the state information policy in relation to Crimea, etc.

Maryna SOBOTIUK is Adviser to the Minister of Information Policy of Ukraine on International Communication.

Dmytro TKACHENKO is a public figure, an expert in the field of communications, the founder and executive director of Donbas Think Tank, an NGO.

Alina FROLOVA is an expert with fifteen-year experience in strategic communications with leading international and Ukrainian companies, and a civic activist.