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Photographs, which show the presence of the Russian military in the territory of Ukrainian Donbass

Within cooperation the Ministry of Ukraine for Information Policy and NGO "Stopterror" presented the report that provides unequivocal evidence of military intervention of Russia in armed conflict and the facts of stay in the east of Ukraine military personnel and military weaponry of RF. (07.10.2015)

Photos from the exhibition at Mykhaylivska Square in Kiev

Top-10 Evidences of Russian Presence in Donbas

5th Tank Brigade of Russian Armed Forces in the Battle for Debaltseve

Russian Mobile Command Post Ranzhyr Spotted in Luhansk

Instead of the Announced Bridge Over the Kerch Strait — a Secret Bridge Over Siverskyi Donets

Kamensk-Shakhtynskyi Suburb in Rostov Region, 10 km from the State Border of Ukraine

Shakhtar "Fans" of the 99th Logistics Brigade of the Russian Armed Forces at Donbas Arena Stadium

Russian Radio Technical/Air Defense Troops in Ukraine

Russian Railroad Warehouses Loaded with Ammunition at Krasnodon Railroad Station

Perevalsk. Accumulation of Various URSF (United Russian Separatist Forces) Weaponry Spotted

Russia keeps redeploying and concentrating armoured vehicles along Ukraine's southeastern border