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Cabinet Supports Transferring UTR TV Channel and Ukrainform Agency into MIP’s Domain

   Today during its meeting, the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine unanimously voted for transferring the integral property complex of the state organization "Ukrinform Ukrainian National Information Agency" and the State Broadcasting Company "Ukrainian Television and Radio World Service" into the domain of the Ministry of Information Policy.

  As soon as these ordinances are signed by the Prime Minister and officially promulgated, the MIP will start its work over launching Ukraine Tomorrow TV channel and restart of the Ukrinform Information Agency as a single media platform of international broadcasting.

  Simultaneously, in pursuant of implementation of the Government’s Action Plan, in the nearest time the Cabinet of Ukraine will submit to Verkhovna Rada the draft law "On international broadcasting system" agreed to the Parliamentary Committee on the Freedom of Speech and Information Policy, which is currently being discussed during roundtable discussions with public representatives.

   Minister Yurii Stets: "We start the work with publicly announcing the recruitment of our team to create high-quality international broadcasting of Ukraine. Anyone willing to join the team can send his or her data via e-mail. The recruitment process will be as transparent as possible".

  Please send your CV, ideas, and suggestions to [email protected]

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