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May 20, Deputy Minister of Information Policy of Ukraine Tetiana Popova took part in the press conference "Journalists and War: All Facets of the Problem"

 The meeting covered the issues of safety of media professionals in the combat area, the most common problems of mass media representatives they face at war, the need for insurance of journalists and the role of journalists in the information war. Tetiana Popova told about the principles of government’s information policy on temporarily occupied territories and cooperation between MIP, MoD, and journalists.

 "We need immediately capture the information from the front line — this is a kind of chronicle of events. This requires creating conditions for journalists while embedded in a combat zone. MIP together with the MoD launches the Embedded Journalism project designed to solve this problem. We are absolutely aware of the risk in this case and demand the reporters to have an insurance policy and certificate of special training completion. Unlike foreign reporters, there are very few Ukrainian journalists having relevant documents", Deputy Minister said.

 Tetiana Popova also spoke about cooperation with the Security Service of Ukraine. To support the measure "Participation of the Russian Armed Forces in the Armed Conflict in the East of Ukraine", the Ministry of Information Policy prepared the lists of journalists for SBU and provided informational support and recommendation advices.



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