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MIP: II Ukrainian Music Festival "Tvoia Kraina Fest" Begins in Korosten

On 15 June 2019, the II Ukrainian Music Festival “Tvoia Kraina Fest”, supported by the Ministry of Information Policy of Ukraine, began in Korosten, the Zhytomyr region.

Residents of the town, located close to the border with Belarus, were able to hear live music performance by Foma and the band “Mandry”, Oksana Mukha, and the bands “SKAI” and “Vasia Club”.

The concert was the first to take place within the framework of this-year festival “Tvoia Kraina Fest”.

“Without a language, there is no state… And modern music is a quality tool for bringing it to people. We have set off in Korosten. See you in your hometown!” the Minister of Information Policy of Ukraine, Yuriy Stets, was quoted as saying.

On 19 June, the festival is set to take place in Chernihiv; on 23 June, in Uzhgorod; on 25 June, on Shostka, the Sumy region; on 28 June, in Berdiansk, the Zaporizhzhia region; on 1 July, in Skadovsk, the Kherson region; on 4 July, in Chornomorsk, the Odesa region.

The festival seeks to unite territorial communities and audiences of various ages and ethnic origin in frontline and remote Ukrainian cities and towns by virtue of cultural communication; to promote the Ukrainian language; and to preserve and develop spiritual and moral values of the Ukrainian people through quality Ukrainian music.

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