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MIP: "White Paper on Special Information Operations against Ukraine" Presented at Security Services Academy

On 8 April 2019, “White Paper on Special Information Operations against Ukraine 2014-2018,” a project of the Ministry of Information Policy of Ukraine, was presented and discussed at the Academy of the Security Services of Ukraine.

The Rector of the Academy, Serhii Kudinov, made a welcoming speech, stressing the importance of implementing the project at a time when Russia is pursuing information aggression against Ukraine.

The Deputy Minister of Information Policy of Ukraine, Dmytro Zolotukhin, informed that the creation of “White Paper” required research of Russia’s use of manipulations in the information space, designed to alter Ukrainian citizens’ conscience.

“It is the format of TV series, used in the research, that is the most telling to communicate to key audiences what influence techniques Russian security services and political elites use. The research defines the concept of a systemic vision of Russian propaganda and a model that makes it much easier to discern new Russian fakes,” he noted.

The event was attended by researchers, cadets and lecturers of the Security Services Academy.

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