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Zolotukhin Presents "White Paper on Special Information Operations against Ukraine" in Tallinn

On 5 April 2019, the Deputy Minister of Information Policy of Ukraine, Dmytro Zolotukhin, presented “White Paper on Special Information Operations against Ukraine 2014-2018,” the Ministry’s project, in Tallinn. The presentation was organised by the International Centre for Defence and Security, a think tank affiliated with the Estonian government.

Dmytro Zolotukhin began the presentation by quoting Pavlo Klimkin, Ukraine’s Foreign Minister: “Russia lies on an industrial scale.” He elaborated: “Whereas Hollywood is called the Dream Factory, Russian Kremliwood is the Lie Factory. Moscow spends enormous resources—up to three billion dollars a year—on propaganda. In order to debunk all Russian fakes, much more resources will be necessary. Therefore, we propose the White Book format to raise awareness of the principles under which the Kremlin disinformation machinery works.”

The Deputy Minister said that the Ministry had recorded around 30 different topics of anti-Ukrainian propaganda in Russian news media over the monitoring period. “In the White Paper we featured 10 key narratives in the form of ‘serials,’ which consist of separate ‘seasons’ and ‘episodes’ of fakes related by topic,” he noted.

“What Kremliwood is mainly trying to convince wide audiences of is that Ukraine has failed as an independent state. Now, within the framework of this serial, Russian propaganda is spreading fake news of rigged Ukraine’s elections, the results of which cannot be recognised,” Mr Zolotukhin was quoted as saying.

Other speakers included Marianna Betsa, Ukraine’s Ambassador to Estonia, and journalist Oleksandr Demchenko. The presentation was attended by members of the diplomatic corps, disinformation experts, Estonian government officials, and other specialists concerned.

Earlier, on February 12th, “White Paper on Special Information Operations against Ukraine 2014-2018” was presented.

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