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Information for Foreign Journalists

The rules of procedure for foreign mass media workers on the eve of and during the presidential election in Ukraine on 31 March 2019

1. The work of foreign media during the election of the President of Ukraine shall not require any additional permits or approval.

2. Accreditation shall only be required for events at the Central Election Commission.

For permanent accreditation (for the events on the eve of the election of the President of Ukraine on 31 March 2019), including individual plastic accreditation cards, please submit a request to Tetiana Slipachuk, Head of the Central Election Commission, at: 1 Lesi Ukraiinky Square, Kyiv, 01196.

The request by a foreign media shall include: the full title of the media in Ukrainian, English and the language of the home country; contact information, including the e-mail, of the media’s office in Ukraine; and the full name of the journalist(s) and/or media worker(s) for whom accreditation is being requested.

In addition, a written notice by the journalist or media worker shall be required, which includes the full name of the journalist or media worker; their address; and their contact information, including the e-mail.

A copy of an ID card (passport) and a document confirming their professional status (an editorial journalist card, a certificate of membership in a professional union of journalists, or a press card) shall be attached to the written notice by the journalist or media worker.

In order to advance the receipt of the accreditation card, a scanned copy of the request can be sent at the e-mail of the Department of Media Relations of the Secretariat of the Central Election Commission: [email protected], [email protected], [email protected].

In case of need, please contact Volodymyr Vyrva (phone +38 044 286-80-71) or Olena Tereshchuk (phone +38 044 256-82-80).

3. Accreditation shall not be required for the work of media at polling stations. Entrance shall be permitted by editorial journalist cards for no more than two representatives of each media.

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