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MIP's Statement Regarding Russia's Attempts at Using YouTube for Political Ends

The Ministry of Information Policy of Ukraine declares facts of persecutions of Ukrainian citizens by the Russian Federation and attempts by the Russian side to misuse YouTube instruments with a view to restricting freedom of speech.

Over the recent years, Russia has been taking advantage of YouTube Community Guidelines in order to remove information about the real situation in occupied Crimea, including about persecutions of citizens that have become hostages of Vladimir Putin’s regime.

The Centre for Journalistic Investigations, a news agency, has contacted the Ministry with regard to its video about the illegal detention of Emir Usein-Kuku, a Crimean Tatar human rights activist, which may be banned on YouTube at the initiative of the Federal Service of Russia for Supervision of Communication, Information Technology and Mass Media (also known as Roskomnadzor).

The Centre for Journalistic Investigations, officially registered in Ukraine as a mass media outlet, was forced to move to Kyiv from Crimea after the occupant’s attacks on journalists and media in 2014.

Roskomnadzor’s complaint is groundless, false and manipulative, seeking to conceal the truth about Russia’s crimes.

The Ministry of Information Policy deems such practice unacceptable and is indignant at Roskomnadzor’s attempts at using YouTube, a leading global video hosting service, for political ends.

Such steps are aimed at suppressing freedom of speech, hatemongering and undermining fundamental human rights and freedoms.

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