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MIP: National Unity Art Project "MoreThanUs" Presented in Kyiv

On 19 December 2018, “MoreThanUs”, an art project of the National Unity, created by the order of the Ministry of Information Policy of Ukraine, was presented at Osokorky subway station.

The project is a unique and integral picture consisting of eight murals on the walls of Osokorky subway station.

Starting on 18 September 2018, the artists worked on the project every day from 1 to 5am for four months. They include Matew Down (Belgium), Apollo Tores (Brazil), Kraser (Spain), Jasm One (Switzerland), Mata Ruda (Costa Rica), Alexander Britcev (Ukraine), Spear (Belgium), BkFoxx (US).

“This project has many meanings. And it is not only about uniting Ukrainians. We would also like it to be a sort of tourist attraction for people coming to Kyiv, as street art today is the reason why they go to New York or London. Kyiv also needs to be such a tourist city,” the State Secretary of the Ministry, Artem Bidenko, was quoted as saying.

Heo Leros, Adviser to the Minister of Information Policy of Ukraine, who managed the project, said that the choice of artists accounted for the fact that they would speak about their work at home and on social media, thus promoting Ukraine and Kyiv abroad.

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