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MIP Presents "Invite Me from War", a Social Project for Defenders of Ukraine Day

On 25 September 2018, the social project “Invite Me from War” for the Defenders of Ukraine Day was presented at the press centre of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine. Initiated by the Ministry of Information Policy of Ukraine, the project is designed to promote the Armed Forces and render psychological recovery to Ukrainian warriors.

“The great public response to Ukrainian Amazonians is a tell-tale sign that such projects should take place not only in Kyiv but in other Ukrainian regions as well. Moreover, we have to present the abroad. The same goes for the project ‘Invite Me from War’,” the Minister of Information Policy of Ukraine, Yuriy Stets, was quoted as saying.

“Public demand for such social and media events attests to the fact that we are on the right way. In essence, it is our debt to defenders of our native land. We understand that,” he added.

According to Maryna Sobotiuk, the Adviser to the Minister, twenty couples of Ukrainian servicemen and Ukrainian Amazonians have already been practising for five months and will dance at a solemn event on the occasion of the Defenders of Ukraine Day.

“I and my partner, a cyborg, are dancing tango, which we really came through at the war. It really was under enemy fire,” says Natalia Prylutska, a frontline volunteer, participating in the project.

Bohdan Holovatenko, head of BIG DANCE studio, which offers dance training for the project, says it is the first time he has worked with servicepeople. The studio plans that it will organise dance class for our defenders in the future.

Separately, the project “Invite Me from War” will be announced on a daily basis in Vikna-Novyny news programme from 8 till 12 October, said Artem Sorokin, a journalist at STB Channel.

The solemn event on the occasion of the Defenders of Ukraine Day will take place at the Column Hall of Kyiv City State Administration on 12 October 2018.

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