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Zolotukhin Gives Lecture to Participants of Resilience League Summer School

On 29 August 2018, the Deputy Minister of Information Policy of Ukraine, Dmytro Zolotukhin, gave a lecture to listeners of Resilience League Summer School, an international information security and national patriotic education summer school.

The lecture dealt with dangerous global trends in enemy disinformation campaigns. “The most important thing is not just taking the defensive stand and reacting to disinformation attacks and extinguishing the fire. It is now important to act and communicate proactively, by furthering one’s own narrative, to combat the respective threats,” Mr Zolotukhin noted.

As for the effectiveness of Russian propaganda, the Deputy Minister noted: “The Ministry of Information Policy of Ukraine is now preparing to present a project which will debunk all fakes and myths about Ukraine that Russian propagandists have been disseminating for the last five years. This will further help combat Russia’s information threat in a more effective and precise way.”

Resilience League Summer School is an international forum of young professionals concerned with information and communication security matters, where leading professionals and notable experts from Ukraine and the Baltic countries discuss key tendencies of current information threats and share their own experience in dealing with enemy manipulations.

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