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Road-Traffic Safety: Wave Two

Within the framework of campaigns designed to inure responsible and conscientious attitude towards road traffic safety and minimising risks of road traffic accidents, the Ministry of Information Policy of Ukraine launches the second wave of the information campaign to enhance road traffic safety.

This time, emphasis is made on family values and, most importantly, children. Therefore, the campaign features children clothes in a car, encouraging people to think about their and others’ safety. The campaign’s motto warns: “Stop! Remember! Save Your Life!”

The campaign is designed to reduce the number of road traffic accidents and the severity of their consequences by drawing attention of the population to the importance of complying with speed limits, using passive safety measures, restricted use of mobile phone behind the wheel, and preventing alcohol and drug consumption.

According to the National Police, 27,220 road car accidents were recorded in Ukraine in 2017, with 3,432 dead and nearly 35,000 injured. Most accidents took place because of traffic violations.

The campaign includes a number of boards and citylights as well as two thematic videoclips circulated on national and regional TV channels as public social advertising.

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