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MIP: Results of Veteran Business Support Social Project Presented

On 3 July 2018, SEOWAVE Group of Companies and the Ministry of Information Policy of Ukraine presented the results of the first stage of the social project Start Today on supporting ATO veterans’ business.

According to Tetiana Aboronok, CEO at SEOWAVE Group of Companies, at the first stage of the project five veterans’ projects were selected, to which top Ukrainian web studios provided technical support for online promotion.

The winners are: Denys Dudnyk with the idea of developing Veteranprom, a franchising company; Armen Ahadzhanian, with the production of funtrikes, tricycles that allow you to move while reclining; Danylo Polozhykhno, the production of steelwork, office furniture, tailor-made furniture, and powder coating; Viktor Alieksieienko, cooking and delivering pizza; Oleksandr Ovcharenko, hand-made sewing of flags, tablecloths, pillows, bed-clothes, etc. In total, 23 applications were selected at the first stage of the Start Today project.

The Deputy Minister of Information Policy of Ukraine, Dmytro Zolotukhin, stressed that MIP would carry on supporting the implementation of similarly important social projects. “This is an expression of honour and gratitude to the people who not only have defended our country on the battlefield but also are creating brilliant commercial products today, using their leadership skills, civic stance, knowledge and experience. Start Today is a nice manifestation of the good synergetic result that cooperation between the private, state and social sectors can bring about,” he noted.

In addition, the results of the second stage of Start Today relating to the culture and tourism field were presented: Seven winners were selected among 17 applications.

The social campaign Start Today was presented on 24 April 2018. It was launched by SEOWAVE Group of Companies and partner web studios Makhaon, Ideine Rishennia, and Web-kitchen to promote rapid development of small business in Ukraine and improving the country’s economy.

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