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Truth, Endured with Pain: Dzhaparova on Book by Militants’ Hostage, Stanislav Asieiev

On 5 June 2018, a collection of essays by Stanislav Asieiev, In Isolation, was presented in Kyiv. The author himself was captured by militants in the occupied territory of Donbas more than a year ago.

“When, on the one hand, you feel like the world is ‘tired’ of Ukraine, and on the other, a clear, strategically planned, and carefully implemented anti-Ukrainian fake narrative, it is truth that matters. Russian propaganda casts doubt on it, resorting to double-talk and double standards. This truth, endured through experience, with pain, death, cellars, repressions, torture, and lack of freedom, is live on the pages of the book by Stanislav Asieiev, who has been in a cellar of a former plant and art platform ‘Isolation’ in occupied Donetsk for more than a year,” the First Deputy Minister of Information Policy of Ukraine, Emine Dzhaparova, noted at the presentation.

Stanislav Asieiev (nickname Vasin) disappeared in the ORDLO militants-controlled territory on 2 June 2017. He had been contributing to a number of Ukrainian mass media, including the weekly Dzerkalo Tyzhnia (Weekly Mirror) and the Radio Svoboda (Radio Freedom) project, Donbas.Realii (Donbas.Realities).

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