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MIP: Work on Mural Series ‘Kvituchi Ruky’ Completed

The work on the mural series Kvituchi Ruky (Bloomy Hands), which unites Ukraine by means of modern art, has been completed in four Ukrainian cities.

Supported by the Ministry of Information Policy of Ukraine, the large-scale pictures were created by Oleksandr Britsev, an artist born in Donetsk, who now lives in Kharkiv.

During April-June this year, he created murals in Chernihiv, Sloviansk, Henichesk, and Drohobychi.

“The human’s hands stretching towards each other to help, support, unite. But, at the same time, they are like bloomy branches of trees. These flowers are a hope for resurrection, for the future, for the fruits borne by unity. Flowers are people’s souls, their hands being their deeds of conscience. If you look at the four pictures together, you may notice the flowers on each are different. These are flowers of fruit trees growing in Ukraine. In the North is an apple tree; in the East, an apricot tree; in the South, a peach tree; and in the West, a cherry tree,” the artist explains.

Each of the four parts of the Kvituchi Ruky mural is placed cornerwise to form a diamond – a sacred symbol which our ancestors used to denote earth and all borne by it.

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