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MIP in JFO Zone: In Nova Poltavka, Main Ukrainian TV Channels On the Air

The Monitoring Mission of the Ministry of Information Policy has analyzed television and radio broadcasting in the village Nova Poltavka of Kostiantynivka District, Donetsk Region.

“In the village, more than a half households have T2 [digital package], but, depending on the location, up to a half channels broadcasting on the same waves as Ukrainian ones happen to be ‘occupational’ or ‘collaborationist’. As for the analogue signal, the situation is mixed here, too. Usually, an antennae receives Ukrainian channels in sufficient numbers and quality, but when it is adjusted towards Donetsk, you’ll receive occupational channels,” reports Oleksand Bryhynets, the Adviser to the Minister of Information Policy on Broadcasting Renewal, Ukraine’s MP, who leads the Mission.

According to Valentyna Serdiuk, the acting village head, the residents can watch enough Ukrainian channels, but if someone wants to listen to the Kremlin[‘s propaganda], they can do that as well. There is good-quality Internet connection in the village, so the residents experience no problems in accessing Ukrainian content. Also, nearly one fourth villagers have satellite dishes.

It should be noted that during two years of the work of the Commission on Ensuring the Stable Broadcasting of the National Television and Radio Broadcasting System of Ukraine, three television towers have been constructed: in Kramatorsk, Donetsk Oblast (5 December 2016), in Chonhar, Kherson Oblast (17 March 2017), and in Bakhmutivka, Luhansk Oblast (22 August 2017).

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