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Day of Memory and Conciliation. '1939-1945. We Remember. We Win'

Within the framework of celebrating public holidays, the Ministry of Information Policy of Ukraine and the Ukrainian Institute for National Memory present the national communication campaign titled ‘1939-1945. We Remember. We Win.’

The communication campaign includes 14 stories, each featuring a striking history of a WWII hero who contributed greatly to the common victory. The campaign is quite informative, since it reveals 14 incredible facts about Ukrainians: Ihor Pobirchenko’s tank crashed the gates of the Auschwitz concentration camp; Yosyp Romaniv became Canadian Army Gen honoris causa; Olena Viter, a nun, saved Jewish children from death.

On May 8-9, Ukraine traditionally marks the Day of Memory and Conciliation and the Victory Day over Nazism in World War II. On these days, it is important to recall the outstanding role of Ukrainians in the victory, show honour to all fighers against Nazism, commemorate the dead soldiers and victims of war, war crimes, deportations and crimes against humanity committed during those years.

The communication campaign includes 14 thematic stories represented by billboards, citylights, and video and audio clips. The board campaign is disseminated all over the country via outdoor advertising media. The video clips as public social ads can be seen on national and regional TV channels. The audio clips have been given airtime on radio.

Ukrainians greatly contributed to the victory in World War Two. We must remember and honour them.

1939-1945. We Remember. We Win!

Further information can be found on the website of the Ukrainian Institute for National Memory (in Ukrainian only).



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