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MIP: Mural Series ‘Kvituchi Ryku’ Unites Ukraine

In Chernihiv and Sloviansk, work on mural series Kvituchi Ruky (Bloomy Hands) has been completed. In general, it will consist of four murals in different Ukrainian cities.

The work, by the order of the Ministry of Information Policy of Ukraine, was performed by Oleksandr Brytsev, an artist from Kharkiv.

In Chernihiv, the mural is located on a block of flats to be found at 16 Kniazia Chornoho St.

In Sloviansk, the artist completed his work on boarding school No 23.

The third mural is to be painted in the south near the administrative border with occupied Crimea; the fourth in the west, in a city in Lviv Region.

“This is an attempt to unite Ukraine, a pledge to link its parts and sides with the strongest bond – handshaking. [These are] the hands which people of the same nation, living on the same soil, having the same ancestors, the same past and the same future, stretch to each other. This bond cannot be cut off by trenches at the ‘zero’ line, or by razor wire of the ‘grey zone’, or by checkpoints, or by Dnipro, or by the Carpathians,” the artist says.

He adds that each of the four parts of the Kvituchi Ruky mural will be placed cornerwise to form a diamond – a sacred symbol which our ancestors used to denote earth.

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