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MIP: Video Clip on Occasion of 100th Anniversary of Ukrainian Donbas’ Liberation from Russian Bolshevist Occupants Presented

On 25 April 2018, a video clip ‘100th Anniversary of the Liberation of Ukrainian Donbas from Russian Bolshevist Occupants’ was presented at the press centre of the news agency Ukrinform. The video clip had been produced by the order of the Ministry of Information Policy of Ukraine with the participation of Donbas Think Tank, an analytical centre.

“This is our tribute to the heroic events that took place a hundred years ago, which are, much to our chagrin, are repeating today; our attempt to restore the historical justice we were deprived of during decades of the Soviet regime. Despite all myths of the Kremlin’s propaganda, Donbas is Ukraine now as well as a hundred years ago,” Emine Dzhaparova, the First Deputy Minister of Information Policy of Ukraine, noted.

The video clip features heroic victories of the UPR Army within the framework of the military operation designed to liberate Donbas from Bolsheviks. During April 1918, Sloviansk, Bakhmut, Horlivka, Mykytivka, and the Kolpakovo station were liberated, and on April 30th the Ukrainian Army reached the banks of River Don.

According to Dmytro Tkachenko, the Adviser to the Ministry of Information Policy of Ukraine and executive director at Donbas Think Tank, other video clips on these heroic events of Ukrainian history, in particular the participation of prominent Donbas-born Ukrainians in the 1917-1921 War of Independence, will soon be presented as part of the project ‘Chronicles of Ukrainian Donbas’.

The video clip uses materials of the Central State Cinema and Photo Archives of Ukraine after Hordii Pshenychnyi. It was directed by Taras Pidhirniak, the head of the VyDyvo production studio.

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