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MIP: #StartToday, Social Campaign for ATO Veterans’ Business Support, Presented Today

On 24 April 2018, SEOWAVE Group of Companies and the Ministry of Information Policy of Ukraine held a press conference on the support of ATO veterans’ initiatives and presented the social campaign Start Today.

Tetiana Aboronok, CEO at SEOWAVE Group of Companies, who leads the campaign, said that the project was meant for ATO veterans who have interesting ideas for their own business. “It is ATO veterans who we have begun to help, not only because their accommodation is a topical issue but also because these guys can make something of really high quality. Those who have returned from the front work perfectly but do not always understand how best to sell goods or services or what kind of site they need. We want to provide them with free-of-charge instruments so that more and more people would know about the businesses they run and their quality,” the campaign’s leader was quoted as saying.

The Deputy Minister of Information Policy of Ukraine, Dmytro Zolotukhin, assured that MIP would assist in carrying out such social campaigns. “ATO veterans are now a vulnerable social group since war is a serious trauma for any person. The projects that help them do understandably owe respect and support. MIP will cooperate with the Ministry of Social Policy to encourage the self-development of those who returned from the front, as well as to help them overcome the psychological consequences of participation in the ATO. We will also be glad to support social initiatives in this field,” the Deputy Minister noted.

The social campaign Start Today was launched by SEOWAVE Group of Companies and partner web studios Makhaon, Ideine Rishennia, Web-kitchen, and IT-MOKO to assist in dealing with difficulties in running one’s own Internet business within the framework of the campaign. The first phase of the campaign is directly related to the ATO. With the #STARTTODAY project, veterans and their families who have a business idea but no money to start their own Internet business now get the unique opportunity to set it up.

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