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MIP in ATO Zone: In Novovodiane Village Council, 12 Ukrainian TV Channels Available

The Monitoring Mission of the Ministry of Information Policy of Ukraine has analyzed television and radio broadcasting of Novovodiane Village Council of Dobropillia District, Donetsk Region.

According to Yulia Chuchyn, the council’s secretary, the village Novovodiane is one of the highest points of Donetsk Region. “That is why we have no problems with watching Ukrainian TV channels, of which 12 are available here,” she added. The secretary also said alternative TV signal sources were barely employed, with the only exception of satellites used by a quarter of households in the village.

“In fact, in terms of TV signal in Donetsk Region, what matters is not only the remoteness from or proximity to the front line but also the landscape. Although a Soviet song sings that there are flat lands here, it is hills which are good for some villages and bad for others. Given that, the issue of TV signal could not be completely dealt with during Soviet times and before the war, when Ukraine controlled the signal of the highest TV tower in Donetsk. Now uneven landscape prevent a given village from receiving terrestrial broadcasting,” reports Oleksandr Bryhynets, the Adviser to the Minister on Broadcasting Renewal in the ATO Zone and Ukraine’s MP, who heads the Mission.

He also stressed that new sites for the installment of TV transmitters, as well as satellite and cable television helped tackle the issue provided that each village was considered individually.

It should be noted that during two years of the work of the Commission on Ensuring the Stable Broadcasting of the National Television and Radio Broadcasting System of Ukraine, three television towers have been constructed: in Kramatorsk, Donetsk Oblast (5 December 2016), in Chonhar, Kherson Oblast (17 March 2017), and in Bakhmutivka, Luhansk Oblast (22 August 2017).

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