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MIP in ATO Zone: In Bezzabotivka Village Council, 5 Ukrainian TV Channels Available

The Monitoring Mission of the Ministry of Information Policy of Ukraine has analyzed television and radio broadcasting in Bezzabotivka Village Council of Oleksandrivka District, Donetsk Region.

“There is no digital television, and almost everyone has had satellites since the TV tower at Karachun was destroyed in 2014. In order to watch TV, analogue antennae have to be raised 15m high. There is great hope placed on the TV tower in Pokrova, which is planned to be built, as allowing for more channels and easier access to television,” reports Oleksandr Bryhynets, the Adviser to the Minister on Broadcasting Renewal in the ATO Zone and Ukraine’s MP, who heads the Mission.

According to Viktor Myrskyi, the Head of the Council, analogue antennae receive, more or less, 4 to 5 Ukrainian TV channels, including UA:First, Inter, 1+1, and 2+2. “There had been completely nothing on until [the TV tower at] Karachun was restored,” he adds.

It should be noted that during two years of the work of the Commission on Ensuring the Stable Broadcasting of the National Television and Radio Broadcasting System of Ukraine, three television towers have been constructed: in Kramatorsk, Donetsk Oblast (5 December 2016), in Chonhar, Kherson Oblast (17 March 2017), and in Bakhmutivka, Luhansk Oblast (22 August 2017).

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