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MIP: Supported by Ukraine’s Government, Japan Carried out Nearly a Thousand Communication Events in 2017

On March 29th, a press conference on the presentation of communication projects carried out with the support of the Government of Ukraine within the framework of the Year of Japan in Ukraine was held at the press centre of news agency Ukrinform. In particular, the Ministry of Information Policy of Ukraine presented its two key projects on promoting Ukraine in the world – short feature film Djakuyu and an exhibition of pictures of Ukrainian military in manga style.

Artem Bidenko, the State Secretary of the Ministry of Information Policy of Ukraine, noted that the promotion of Ukraine as an attractive tourist destination is being carried out in cooperation with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Ministry of Culture and parliamentary committees responsible for portfolios. “Ukraine is an interesting, unique, and modern country. And every foreigner, be they Japanese, or Germans, or else, will find here something interesting for themselves, their own zing, something that will appeal to his soul,” the State Secretary argued.

According to Daisuke Minamino, First Secretary, the Head of the Political Section of the Embassy of Japan in Ukraine, with the support of the Government of Ukraine, including the Ministry of Information Policy, last year, announced as the Year of Japan in Ukraine, saw nearly a thousand events carried out all over Ukraine. “They include the planting of the sakura tree and the opening of the exhibition Virtual Guide. Japan, owing to which Ukrainians were able to get to know more about many aspects of Japanese culture. The events were held all over Ukraine, including in vicinity of the occupied territories, in Sievierodonetsk in particular. We have what to show Ukrainians, and Ukraine has what to show Japan,” the Japanese diplomat said.

Maryna Sobotiuk, the Adviser to the Ministry on International Communications, stressed that MIP is setting up cooperation in the field of international relations by means of a correct communications approach to each country. Last year, within the framework of the Year of Japan in Ukraine, MIP implemented many information campaigns, of which I will single out two the most successful – Ukrainian Military in Japanese Manga Style and Djakuyu, a film about Ukraine. Such communication, owing to its cultural and resource specificities, brings people together and promotes mutual understanding,” the Adviser to the Ministry added.

Recently, MIP had presented film Djakuyu at the Embassy of Ukraine in Japan and has already submitted it to more than 100 world film festivals.

Anatolii Solovei, the Head of the Department of Public Diplomacy of Ukraine’s MFA, noted that film Djakuyu and Cyborgs, a film directed by Akhtem Seitablaiev, enables Ukrainian diplomats to deal with difficult imaging tasks. “The films Djakuyu and Cyborgs are two mainstream projects which present Ukraine to the world in different terms and from different standpoints. On the one hand, Ukraine is sort of a rapid unbreakable firewall which deters Russian aggression and protects Europe against this attack. On the other hand, Ukraine is a beautifully young, dynamic, European country with brilliant and hospitable people, and it is a pleasure to be here and to discover it,” the MFA official said.

It should be recalled that the short feature film Djakuyu shows Ukraine through the eyes of a Japanese tourist as an interesting, hospitable, and unique country with breathtaking landscapes and rich history. The film was produced by the Best Friends Film company to the order of MIP.

In October 2017, the artist Natzume came to Ukraine from Japan at the invitation of the Ministry of Information Policy, bringing her works depicting Ukrainian military in the Japanese style of manga. Since March 14th, the pictures have been exhibited in the Embassy of Ukraine in Japan on a constant basis.

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