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Adviser to the Minister: 64 Are the Kremlin's Prisoners, 54 Detained in or Removed from Crimea

On 31 January 2018, an event on liberating Ukrainian prisoners from the Kremiln was held at the news agency Ukrinform with the participation of Yulia Kazdobina, the Adviser to the Minister on Information Reintegration of Crimea.

Opening the round table, Yulia Kazdobina called attention to the fact that the topic of the Kremlin’s prisoners involved mainly residents of Crimea. “Today, 64 people are the Kremlin’s prisoners, 54 of whom have been detained in or removed from Crimea and 36 are Crimean Tatars.” She stressed that thorough studying and analysis of the similar experience of other countries should be a basis for shaping the state policy in any field.

In his speech, ex-minister of Georgia Paata Zakareishvili noted: “One shouldn’t mesh humanitarian and political issues. One should keep in mind that this, first of all, helps people who are expecting those negotiations to decide on their fate.” He also assured that the important factor is how the other party views those who negotiate. Still, how the commitments are fulfilled is the decisive factor.

It should be noted that the Georgian ex-minister has been negotiating the liberation of hostages and prisoners during conflicts in the Caucasus for 25 years. Also, within the framework of the round table ‘How to Liberate the Kremiln’s Prisoners’, members of the human rights organization Media Initiative for Human Rights together with the Ukrainian Helsinki Human Rights Union and Euromaidan Press presented the report Prisoners of the War with recommendations on the liberation of Ukrainian citizens from Russia and occupied Crimea.

In addition, Spokesperson for Ukraine’s MFA Mariana Betsa supported the recommendation on the use of the diplomatic resource in order for countries of the West to introduce personal sanctions against both Russian and Ukrainian nationals.

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