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Dzhaparova: MIP Will Publish Writings by Cherniavskyi, Prominent Figure of Ukraine’s National Movement

On 28 December 2017, a press conference devoted to the 150th anniversary of Mykola Cherniavskyi, a Donbas-born Ukrainian writer, was held at the news agency Ukrinform. Cherniavskyi is an embodiment of Ukraine on its eastern borders and a testament to the fact that Ukraine existed in those regions despite Russian propaganda denying this.

Opening the event, First Deputy Minister of Information Policy of Ukraine Emine Dzhaparova said that MIP would consider publishing the writings by Mykola Cherniavskyi within the framework of the project The Ukrainian Book for the Ukrainian Army for the purpose of promoting Ukrainian identity the following year. “Cherniavskyi was a man of principle and a Ukrainian patriot, and now there is a unique opportunity to publish his most valuable works from among his great artistic legacy, as well as carry out a number of events to promote it,” Dzhaparova stressed.

According to the translator, scientist and Chairman of the Board of NGO All-Ukrainian Initiative Yurii Kosenko, it is important that Cherniavskyi’s works be published and then distributed nowhere else but in Donbas – among the population, educators, museum workers. He believes it would be extremely useful. “And it is for the first time during Ukraine’s independence that Cherniavskyi’s works have been officially published in Ukraine,” he stressed, adding that the publication was timed to coincide with a solemn event, held in the writer’s homeland, in the city of Dobropillia on December 22nd.

Kosenko also presented the collection Mykola Cherniavskyi. Selected Works, published jointly by the NGOs All-Ukrainian Initiative and Bakhmut Ukranian.

Organized by: the Ministry of Information Policy of Ukraine.

Participants: Emine Dzhaparova, First Deputy Minister of Information Policy of Ukraine; Yurii Kosenko, Chairman of the Board of the NGO All-Ukrainian Initiative; Olha Tymchyshyn, Deputy Chairwoman of the Board of the NGO All-Ukrainian Initiative.

It should be recalled that the commemoration of the classic of Ukrainian literature coincides with the 120th anniversary of the publication of the first Ukrainian book in Donbas, Donetsk Sonnets, and the 80th anniversary of his tragic killing by Russian-Soviet executioners. The figure of Mykola Cherniavskyi is extremely important. He is a national writer who embodies the notion of national unity of Ukraine, as he was born in Donbas, but throughout his life connected different regions of our country: he worked in Chernihiv Region, then lived in Kharkiv for a long time, where he launched active cultural and educational work. Eventually, it is for this reason that he was shot down in Soviet times.


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