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Promoting Ukraine in the World

Within the framework of promoting Ukraine in the world, the Ministry of Information Policy of Ukraine has has launched a 30-second ad video clip on Ukraine on CNN.  

CNN is one of the leading media companies of the world, which was founded in 1980 exclusively as a TV news agency. CNN news are broadcast via 38 cosmic satellites and available to more than 200 ml households in 212 countries and territories worldwide.  

This video clip to promote Ukraine’s interests in the world will be broadcast on CNN from 15-21 December. This is a great opportunity to tell the world about changes that are happening in Ukraine, as well as about reforms and opportunities for global businesses.  

The Interagency Commission on Popularization of Ukraine was established under MIP pursuant to the CMU’s decree No. 467 dated 7 June 2017 as part of the implementation of the Concept for Popularization of Ukraine in the World and Promotion of Ukraine’s Interests in Global Information Space, approved by the Government on 11 October 2016.

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