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Dzhaparova to Journalist from Kherson Region: Ministry's Position Is Non-Interference in Media Editorial Policy

On 7 December 2017, Emine Dzhaparova, the First Deputy Minister of Information Policy of Ukraine held a meeting with journalists from the Kherson region at the Ukrainian Crisis Media Centre.

The aim was bilateral work in the information field.

In the course of the meeting, Emine Dzhaparova stressed that the Ministry’s position is non-interference in the editorial policy. “There is no censorship, no ‘talking points’ for the media, we do not go around them to say what to report on and how,” said Dzhaparova.

“By the way, recently we carried out a research with the National Council of Television and Radio Broadcasting. The top ten information channels were analysed as to how they cover the topic of Crimea and the ATO. The results surprised us. The coverage is very low: 2.2 percent is devoted to Crimea and 8.6 percent to Donbas. This is critically low,” said Dzhaparova.

The First Deputy also added: “In so doing, we therefore want to raise the issue of self-regulation, namely the responsibility of managers of TV channels, which obviously belong to someone. Hence, the question: How much are they now ready to undertake responsibility and not divert the attention to the state, of which much is being expected today.”

Dzhaparova noted that the methodology of the monitoring is being improved now since it is not perfect. “We are planning to carry out a similar monitoring of national TV channels as well as Internet media to see how much they cover socially important topics,” the First Deputy Minister of Information Policy said.


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