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MIP: Five Hryvnias from Each Ticket to 'Cyborgs' to Be Allocated to Fund to Help Families of Dead Warriors

On November 24th, the social initiative of the Cyborgs film crew #YaNebaidyzhyi (#IDoCare) was presented at the news agency Ukrinform.

In her speech, First Deputy Minister Emine Dzhaparova noted that the film was about our brave warriors, their strength and important mission for Ukraine. “Thanks to the film, we can today show the events that are happening in Ukraine and debunk all the myths. MIP is a partner of the film, so it will be responsible for its premiere screening at the cinema Ukraine on December 6th. The film is in full compliance with the Ministry’s Strategy of Information Reintegration of Donbas. It contains all the messages we want to convey to the global audience,” Dzhaparova said.

The First Deputy added that MIP would also support the film with the board campaign. “You will see the main characters of the film all over Ukraine,” Dzhaparova assured.

Ivanna Diadiura, the film’s producer, noted that the film was about the creation of a new army. “We have raised the burning issue. Our film is, above all, about hope,” Diadiura said.

The producer also spoke about the idea of the initiative #YaNebaidyzhyi: five hryvnias from each ticket will be allocated to the fund Come Back Alive and then given to the families of dead warriors.

Akhtem Seitablaiev, the director of Cyborgs, spoke about the idea of the film: “First of all, [it] is not about war but about peace which is born in this war.”

“This is the first large-scale feature film about war,” claimed Illienko.

Pylyp Illienko added that the production of the film had been partially funded by the state.

In conclusion, the First Deputy added that the warriors fighting for Ukraine now give us a sense of being protected. Dzhaparova called for watching the film at cinemas, which will help collect more money for the families of dead warriors.

Participants: Emine Dzhaparova, First Deputy Minister of Information Policy of Ukraine; Akhtem Seitablaiev, director of the film Cyborgs; Ivanna Diadiura, producer of the film Cyborgs; Pylyp Illienko, Head of the Ukrainian State Film Agency; Vitalii Deineha, Head of the charity fund Come Back Alive.

Please be reminded that the film Cyborgs is to be screened since December 7th. Watch for cinema programs in your city.

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