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MIP: Information Campaign on Under-Reported Events of Donbas History Launched in Ukraine

On November 20th, the Ministry of Information Policy of Ukraine and the “Think-tank ‘Donbas’ analytical centre presented an outreach campaign “The Chronicle of Ukrainian Donbas” and the first video clip of this cycle, “100 Years Since the Ukrainian Flag Was First Raised in Donbas”.

During the event, First Deputy Minister of Information Policy Emine Dzhaparova explained the aim of the campaign: “Its aim is to show that the residents of Donbas have played an active part in building up Ukrainian statehood, that Donbas is an integral part of the Ukrainian state but not a ‘Russkiy krai’ (Russian province), as Russia’s propaganda claims.”

The First Deputy added: “So, today we together with our colleagues from Think-tank ‘Donbas’, historians and other partners are trying to promote this period and debunk the myth Russia has long been trying to impose that Donbas is allegedly exclusively Russian land and that Russia can mount some kind of territorial claims on it.”

According to Adviser to the Minister on Information Reintegration of Donbas and Head of the abovementioned Centre Dmytro Tkachenko, this campaign is very important since the humanitarian crisis which broke out in the minds of our fellow Ukrainians in 2014, had been caused by ignorance of history or, to be more precise, by ignorance of their own history, the history of their own region and cities.

“What we are doing now is for ourselves, for our future generations so that they will know what happened 100 years ago,” the Adviser to the Minister noted.

Additional information. On 20 November 1917 (N.S.), the Third Universal of the Ukrainian Central Council was proclaimed. In Bakhmut, the Ukrainian flag was raised on the county municipal council (now Bakhmut College of Transport Infrastructure). It was the first time when the flag had been raised in Donbas on a state building. The Third Universal proclaimed the Ukrainian People’s Republic. The text of the Universal was telegraphed to Bakhmut and then published in the press.

“The Chronicle of Ukrainian Donbas” is the awareness-raising campaign which will inform residents of Ukrainian Donbas and of entire Ukraine about the unknown or under-reported events of our history and prominent Ukrainian activist who were born in this region.

Participants: Emine Dzhaparova, First Deputy Minister of Information Policy of Ukraine; Dmytro Tkachenko, Adviser to the Minister of Information Policy of Ukraine, Head of the Think-tank ‘Donbas’ analytical centre; Taras Pidhirniak, director of the media campaign “The Chronicle of Ukrainian Donbas”, head of the production studio VyDyvo; Yurii Kosenko, consultant of the project, researcher and promote of the UPR in Donbas, Chairman of the NGO All-Ukrainian Initiative.

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