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Ukrainian International Broadcasting Channel to be Attended by Youth All Over the World

On November 15, Yurii Stets, Minister of Information Policy of Ukraine, met with Myroslav Hochak, President of the World Congress of Youth Ukrainian Organizations, with the meeting also attended by the Congress’s members and MPs.

Yurii Stets: “Yesterday, your project, internship of the diaspora youth at the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine, was launched. I know that more than 20 Ukrainians came to us, who will have the opportunity to work with MPs.

“In particular, we offer to visit our international broadcasting channel UA|TV, so that those Ukrainians can share the source of credible information about Ukraine in the world.”

The Minister noted he knew that many of those who had come had their own media platforms. He proposed exchanging information on Ukraine and using Ukrinform, Ukrainian international broadcasting multimedia platform, as a source of credible information.

In his turn, Myroslav Hochak noted that the Congress would further promote the establishment of contacts of Ukrainian youth in the world and with MIP in particular.

“Our Ukrainians in the world now want to help in fighting propaganda against Ukraine. They are ready to be the primary source of information regarding how Ukrainians live in the world and support their native land.

“They are also ready to take information from the state primary source, the international broadcasting multimedia platform of Ukraine, to disseminate it in states they live in, and to translate it into the languages of those states.

“The language in which to present news is important, since not everyone in the world reads in English. For them, it is interesting and understandable to read news about Ukraine in their mother tongue,” Hochak stressed.

Please be reminded that on November 14, internship of the diaspora and Ukrainian youth at the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine, bodies of executive power and national mass media, titled “Ukrainian Politics and Mass Media as Viewed by the Youth” began.

More than 300 people from 25 countries, representing all continents but Africa, applied for the internship, with 40 participants hand-picked from among them. 10 of the participants are representatives of Ukrainian youth whereas the others are Ukrainian diaspora youth from 21 countries (Georgia, Moldova, Lithuania, Italy, the Russian Federation, the Czech Republic, Finland, Israel, Slovakia, Estonia, Germany, Australia, Hungary, Romania, Poland, Argentina, Greece, Brazil, France, Kazakhstan, Serbia).

The programme provides for the acquaintance of the participants with the activity of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine, the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine, the Presidential Administration of Ukraine, local bodies of state and municipal power, and national mass media.

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