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MIP: Ukraine's Experience in Establishing Strategic Communications Makes It Possible to Work Proactively

On 3 November 2017, a workshop for Lithuanian leadership on strategic communications, attended by Adviser to the Ministry of Information Policy of Ukraine Alina Frolova, was held in Vilnius.

In her speech titled “Strategic Communications in Practice: Ukraine’s Example”, Frolova noted that Ukraine had become one of the first European countries to publicly announce its intention to establish a new strategic communications system.

“We are well aware of the circumstances in which we have to do this. They include the old post-Soviet public administration system, the simultaneous reforming of practically all key areas of state responsibility, military operation, as well as the absence of any reputation in the international arena.

“Thus, our experience is critical for partner countries, making it possible to detect the vulnerabilities of the system and work proactively,” said Frolova.

Apart from that topic, the workshop raised the issues of the essence of strategic communications, the use of traditional and social media in hybrid warfare, the vulnerability of the digital world. Also, the participants of the workshop got to know the practice of strategic communications in the case of NATO and Finland.

The event was organized by the NATO Strategic Communications Centre of Excellence.

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