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MIP in ATO Area: 12 Ukrainian Channels Available in Nyzhnioteple Village Council

The Monitoring Mission of the Ministry of Information Policy of Ukraine has analyzed TV and radio broadcasting in the Nyzhnioteple village council of the frontline Stanytsia Luhanska Raion, Donetsk Oblast.

“There are 12 Ukrainian TV channels, but quite a few Russian ones are also available. Nearly fifty percent of the households have satellite television,” reports Oleksandr Bryhynets, Adviser to the Minister on Broadcasting Renewal in the ATO Area and Ukraine’s MP, heading the Mission.

According to Nataliia Ushakova, Chairwoman of the Nyzhnioteple village council, there were only Russian TV channels before the TV tower in Bakhmutivka was mounted, and now a lot of Ukrainian ones are available.

“Our main problem now is the very unstable Internet. We hope this problem will be soon solved,” Ushakova said.

It should be noted that during two years of the work of the Commission on Ensuring the Stable Broadcasting of the National Television and Radio Broadcasting System of Ukraine, three television towers have been constructed: in Kramatorsk, Donetsk Oblast (5 December 2016), in Chonhar, Kherson Oblast (17 March 2017), and in Bakhmutivka, Luhansk Oblast (22 August 2017).

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