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MIP: Civil Identity to Help Change Donbas

On 26 September 2017, a round table talk titled “Liberated Donbas: Threat of Separatists’ Revenge” was held at the Ukrinform news agency.

Dmytro Tkachenko, Adviser to the Ministry on Information Reintegration of Donbas, stated: “If we talk about the fight for the Ukrainian identity in Donbas, we must say that we fight not ONLY for a Ukrainian or national identity, but ALSO for the civil identity.”

He stressed that it was the civil identity that could help Donbas change.

Yurii Kosenko, Chairman of the Board of NGO All-Ukrainian Initiative, read out the demands proposed by the activists calling for the strengthening of cultural awareness activity in Donbas, namely:

The event was organized by the Ministry of Information Policy of Ukraine; NGO “All-Ukrainian Initiative”; NGO “Tavrian Humanitarian Platform”; the National Research Institute of Ukrainian Studies.

Participants: Yurii Kosenko, Chairman of the Board of NGO “All-Ukrainian Initiative”; Viktoriia Bak, Head of NGO “Bakhmut Centre for Humanitarian Pedagogics”; Andrii Ivanets, Head of NGO “Tavrian Humanitarian Platform”; Dmytro Tkachenko, Adviser to the Minister of Information Policy of Ukraine on Information Reintegration of Donbas; Svitlana Kravchenko, Chairman of the Borad of NGO “Bakhmut Ukrainian”; Viktor Zipir, member of the regional public council of Donetsk Oblast; Olena Vasylenko, authorize representative of NGO “All-Ukrainian Initiative” in Donetsk Oblast.

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