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Statement by the Ministry Regarding the Verdict Declared by the Kremlin on Ukrainian Journalist Mykola Semena

Today, on September 22, the Kremlin-controlled Zaliznychnyi District Court of Simferopol pronounced a sentence to Mykola Semena, a Crimean journalist and contributor to Radio.Svoboda (Radio.Freedom) and Krym.Realii (Crimea.Realities).

The journalist was imposed a penalty of two and a half years of conditional imprisonment with three years of probation, prohibiting him to hold public posts.

Crimea is now turned into a zone of pervasive propaganda, and the Crimeans, covered by the disinformation curtain, have no access to the truth, with all independent media disposed of.

Members of the Crimean community are suffering from repressions. There are neither civil nor constitutional freedoms. Nor is there freedom of assembly and speech.

Today’s sentence to the journalist Mykola Semena testifies thereto.

It should be noted that the Ministry has forwarded requests to the Security Service of Ukraine and the Office of the Prosecutor-General of Ukraine regarding the case of the Crimean journalist for appropriate response.

Please be reminded that prior to that, Semena made his last plea in court, stating that if he were declared guilty, that would affect the whole journalism in Russia.

On September 18, the prosecution demanded Semena be given a penalty of three years of conditional imprisonment with three years of probation, and that he be prohibited to hold public posts for three years.

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