Ministry of Information Policy of Ukraine

Celebrating the Independence Day

On August 24, Ukraine celebrates the 26th anniversary of its Independence!

On this occasion, the Ministry of Information Policy of Ukraine is carrying out a large-scale communication campaign for the Independence Day under the banner "We Are Different, But We Are United".

The national information campaign includes designs for outdoor advertising media in the form of billboards and citylights with five stories featuring Ukrainians from different regions of our country, which stresses that we are all different but nevertheless united.

The billboards and citylights will be disseminated throughout entire Ukraine.

Also, a series of public social video ads to be broadcast by national and regional TV channels was prepared. Some of the video ads cover the topic of independence through the eyes of children, others touch upon the issue of the everydayness of each of us, which is filled with patriotism and love for our land.

Happy Independence Day, Ukraine! May we remember that we are different but we are united!







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