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With Its Own Signal, TV Tower in Mariupol in Practice Jams Signals from Occupied Territories, Says Bryhynets

The Monitoring Mission of the Ministry of Information Policy of Ukraine has analyzed TV and radio broadcasting in Nikolske rural council of Nikolske Raion, Donetsk Oblast.

The council's secretary, Olena Molonova, says that due to the fact that the village is located not far from the line of demarcation, the pro-Russian TV signal reaches Nikolske.

"But the enemy voices do not exert significant pressure on the residents," she believes.

Oleksandr Bryhynets, Adviser to the Minister on Broadcasting Renewal in the ATO Area and people's deputy of Ukraine, leading the Mission, reports that there are no problems with Ukrainian television in Nikolske rural council.

"First, there is a TV tower nearby in Mariupol – in practice, with its own signal it jams signals from the occupied territories.

"Second, two-thirds of the households have a T2 digital receiver, which allows people to watch more than 30 Ukrainian channels in good quality. Half of those who do not have T2 has a satellite antenna, still, the other half watches terrestrial broadcasting," Bryhynets explains.

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