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MIP opened the International conference "Reintegration of Donbas in conditions of a hybrid war"

On 23 May, an international conference "Reintegration of Donbas in conditions of a hybrid war" was held at the Club of Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine, organized by the Ministry of information policy of Ukraine in cooperation with the analytical centre "Thought Factory "Donbas".

Opening the event, the First Deputy Minister of information policy of Ukraine, Emine Dzhaparova, stated: "The events on Donbas these days are a consequence of the occupation of the Crimean peninsula. This link is obvious and we are working on the information reintegration of the occupied territories. In particular, the two strategies for the information reintegration of Crimea and Donbas will soon be submitted to the Government for approval".

According to the MP of Ukraine, the Deputy Speaker of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine, Iryna Gerashchenko, there are three main elements in today's Hybrid War: Security policy, humanitarian and informational. She is convinced that there is an understanding in the world today concerning the Russian Federation's intervention in the territory of our State, in particular in its information policy. This is evidenced by the serious statements of international organizations, in particular the European Parliament's resolutions. "The RF disseminates propaganda in 40 languages in 160 countries of the world", underlined Gerashchenko.

the Minister of temporarily occupied territories and IDPs Vadym Chernysh, said: "We are working on a special program that focuses on the problems that exist in the occupied territories at the moment". He said that funds should be built into these programs and that the public should also be involved, as part of the reform of decentralization. He noted the involvement of the scientific environment, public opinion and international partners in the implementation of such programs.

the deputy head of the Presidential Administration of Ukraine Rostyslav Pavlenko is convinced that the territory of the liberated Donbas should not be forgotten today, but both information and infrastructural work are needed. To this end, according to Pavlenko, there is a need for clear coordination between the authorities at all levels, attracting donor assistance from international organizations. "Such activities as this one provide a platform that combines and solves pressing problems".

Yuriy Harbuz, Chair of the Luhansk Oblast State Administration - head of the regional Civil-Military Administration, said that it must be understood that we wanted to informationally build in the territory of our entire state. "We have in the area of the region one of the strategies called "Let's change Ukraine together. This is how we unite east with the west, and we see the results: there is an understanding in communication".


The deputy chairman of the Donetsk Regional State Administration, the head of the regional civil–military administrations, Ihor Stokoz, said: "About 100 thousand people live in an information vacuum. There's no information on either side. Reintegration is a process for years, but there already are first steps in this direction".

In the framework of the Conference, MIP organized an exhibition of the photo works of Junior Sergeant of the 46th separate special operations battalion Yuriy Velychko "Life at Zero".

The event was attended by representatives of the State authorities, civil society, leading foreign and domestic experts in Donbas.

Note, that the international conference is being held by the Ministry to coordinate the efforts of the international community, the state authorities of Ukraine and civil society institutions on further steps to preserve the political, legal, social and other ties of Ukraine with Donbass. The Conference should become a platform for highlighting and discussing the problem of reintegration of parts of the Donetsk and Luhansk regions, where the state authorities temporarily fail to exercise their powers and their populations in the unified constitutional space of Ukraine.

Broadcast of the event:


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