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MIP: Ukrainian cinema plays an important role in promoting the interests of Ukraine in the world

10 May, 2017, a press conference: "Further development of Ukrainian cinema through the prism of international competitions", organized by the Ministry of information policy of Ukraine was held.

Participants of the event: Andrii Khalpakhchi – the President of Ukraіnian Cinema Foundation, the Director General of the KIFF "Molodist"; Pylyp Illenko – the Chairman of the Ukrainian State Film Agency; Artem Bidenko – the State Secretary of the Ministry of information policy of Ukraine

According to the State Secretary of MIP, the department plays a coordinating role in promoting the image of Ukraine in the world, including the cinematography. "It is clear that without cooperation both of the authorities and public organizations, it will be difficult to achieve direct results, so we are most supportive of all initiatives aimed at the development of the Ukrainian cinema", added Bidenko.

In turn, Andrii Khalpakhchi reported that a Ukrainian pavilion being created in Cannes, France, where a prestigious film festival is taking place every year.

"Fortunately, these days there is a Ukrainian film industry that has come together and with joint efforts we create, I hope, a decent pavilion with intention in its productive work", he said.

According to Khalpakhchi, a "very interesting projects", including the projects of foreign writers who these days are eager to film in Ukraine, is there now.

Pylyp Illenko: "We are proud that the Verkhovna Rada initiated and the President signed a new Law on state support for cinematography in Ukraine. This, in my opinion, is an extremely important event for Ukrainian cinema, because, in fact, this is the final farewell to the Soviet film support system".

He also reported that Ukraine would be presenting its cinema production in many prestigious film festivals this year.

"Ukraine will also be represented at many prestigious "A-class" festivals this year, I know it for the fact ... We will have what to be proud of in this year", he said.

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