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Communication Campaign "Crimea Is Ukraine": Two Flags, United Country

As part of the national communication campaign "Crimea Is Ukraine", on the occasion of celebrating the Crimean Tatar National Flag Day (Bayraq künü) the Ministry of Information Policy of Ukraine launches the "Two Flags, United Country" information campaign designed to draw the attention of the Ukrainian society and the international community to the national symbol of the Crimean Tatar people.

Within the campaign, the distribution of out-of-home advertising in the form of billboards ad citylights under the "Two Flags, United Country" banner throughout Ukraine is envisioned.

Also, the Ministry of Information Policy together with LLC "FILDZHAN" has produced a video clip called "Two Flags, United Country", which tells the story of the creation of the Crimean Tatar Flag.

The order for producing the public service video clip was carried out via the ProZorro public e-procurement system.




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