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MIP in Donetsk region: digital television "T2" on the territory of the Ivanovsk village council is the main source of information

The Monitoring mission of the Ministry of information policy of Ukraine carried out the analysis of the broadcasting on the territory of the Ivanovsk village council of the front-line district Bakhmut, Donetsk region.

Olena Danko, the acting chairman of the village, says that the air analog antenna can catch signals of channels: "Inter", «1+1», «STB», BRC «Ukraina», «UA: First», Bakhmut TV, "NTN," TET ".

"So there is no problem with access to information," says Danko.

Oleksandr Brygynets, Advisor to the Minister on broadcasting renewal in ATO zone, MP of Ukraine, who heads the monitoring mission, comments: "And yet, the most common here is not the analog or satellite broadcasting, but the digital "T2", which the locals call "T32 ", by the number of channels. The digital television "T2" in this village, unlike others, became the main television source of information. The satellite is not enough", adds O. Brygynets.

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