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MIP is negotiating for the inclusion of the "stranglers" for violation of freedom of speech in Crimea into the sanctions list

3 March, a press conference on the theme: "Introduction of the new personal sanctions against the stranglers of freedom of speech in the Crimea and criminal cases on the mainland of Ukraine" was held at the news agency "Ukrinform". It was organized by the Ministry of information policy of Ukraine jointly with the Centre of information on human rights.

During the press-conference, human rights defenders and MIP representatives presented a list of the stranglers of freedom of speech in occupied Crimea. Now, the list includes the top 10 individuals involved in the complete curtailment of freedom of speech on the peninsula, and additionally, it also includes about 60 names of criminals.

Advisor to the Minister of information policy of Ukraine Yulia Kazdobina thanked human rights organizations for help in developing the list: "This project is an important example of cooperation between state bodies and civil society". About responsibility for crimes against freedom of expression in Crimea, the Advisor said: "We are negotiating with foreign embassies on introducing these individuals to the sanctions list with a mark "for infringement of freedom of speech". This will be an important signal to the world and to people in the occupied territory that Ukraine respects freedom of speech. The criminal liability is applied to citizens of Ukraine who carry out similar offenses".

The event participants: Yulia Kazdobina - Advisor to the Minister of information policy of Ukraine; Tetiana Pechonchyk - Chair of the Board for the Human Rights Information Centre; Olha Skrypnyk - coordinator of the Crimean human rights group.

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