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Interview of the Minister to the news agency "Ukrinform" on the restoration of broadcasting in Crimea (28.02.2017)

"Broadcasting station already signals to Crimea in test mode. It will begin work in full power in the nearest future", - Y. Stets

After the annexation of Crimea by Russia, the question of providing the inhabitants of the peninsula with Ukrainian broadcasting has been extremely acute. Because of the Krasnoperekopsk television tower, which is controlled by the occupying authority of Crimea, that provides a signal not only to the north of the peninsula but also to three southern regions of Kherson.

One of the first steps taken by the Ministry of information policy of Ukraine in 2015 was supporting the creation of adapted broadcasts for the residents of the peninsula in Crimean Tatar, Ukrainian and Russian languages. The broadcasts, that was created with the participation of the Ukrainian Bureau of Radio Liberty (project "Crimea.Realities"), were broadcasted on the First Channel of the Ukrainian radio on a frequency of 549 kHz, which could be received in most parts of the Crimea.

In order to give Crimeans access to the Ukrainian FM radio stations and television channels, on 2 December 2016, building of broadcasting station in the village Chonhar, Henichesk raion of Kherson oblast, near the border with Crimea has begun.

The Minister of information policy of Ukraine Yuri Stets, in an interview with "Ukrinform", described how soon the station would be able to start its work, on what districts it would provide a signal and what are the further prospects for broadcasting from Chonhar.

- Yuri Yaroslavovych, it was previously planned that the station, that would send a signal to the north of the temporarily occupied peninsula, would be built until the end of 2016. After the commencement of its work, we will receive Ukrainian FM radio broadcasting and digital television in the northern Crimea. Do you know when it's going to begin work in full power?

- Recall, that resumption of broadcasting in the Crimea takes place within the framework of the Commission on ensuring stable operation of national television and radio broadcasting under the Ministry of information policy of Ukraine, together with the National Council of Television and Radio Broadcasting of Ukraine, Kherson Regional State Administration, State Committee for television and radio broadcasting of Ukraine and other state authorities. Building of the station, that should become the counter-force to the Krasnoperekopsk broadcasting station, was planned by MIP and the National Council in May 2016. During a year, the calculation and international coordination of appropriate radio frequencies with such countries, as the Republic of Turkey, Romania, and Moldova were done.

Realizing the seriousness of the project, the leadership of the Kherson regional state administration in a very short time found a site that would fit the building and issued a decree on leasing land under it. The construction of the new tower in the village Chonhar was launched on 2 December 2016. Now the tower is already built and started testing. It is planned that the station will work soon.

The next development stage of the Chonhar project will be the launch of new radio stations and digital television during the year.

- Is it possible to disclose certain technical characteristics of the station? On what areas it will broadcast? What is the radius of the signal spread? 

- The height of the tower is 150 meters, the maximum transmission radius is 120-130 km, and a confident reception is up to 80 km. The spread of the signal: Henichesk and Novotroitsk raions of the Kherson oblast, as well as Dzhankoy and Krasnoperekopsk raions of the Autonomous Republic of Crimea. The signal can also be captured in Krasnohvardiiske raion, the northern part of Bilohirsk and Simferopol raions.

The station's technical capabilities will allow the broadcasting of all television and radio channels of the Ukrainian broadcasters, whom will be issued the appropriate licenses.

Since last week, the Chonhar tower broadcasts Public broadcasting - the First Channel of the Ukrainian radio. Other radio stations, that have received licenses from the National Council, are being prepared for launch.

- Until the end of 2016, the National Council of Television and Radio Broadcasting should have been provided a competition for the broadcasting from this tower at four frequencies for radio stations, and the Ukrainian State Centre of Radio Frequencies should have been determined the frequency for digital television. Who have already issued licenses for broadcasting?

- The National Council of Television and Radio Broadcasting successfully conducted a competition for four radio frequencies at the end of December, last year. A license for the frequency 100.7 FM received the "Ukrainian radio"; for 101.4 FM - the Crimean Tatar radio "Meydan", which recently resumed broadcasting on the mainland; for 105,9 FM - the new Crimean radio station "Radio Crimea. Realities"; for 107.8 FM - local radio "Kherson FM".

The Chonhar broadcasting station will become the basis for further development of digital television on the territory of Kherson oblast and radio broadcasting on the territory of the Crimean peninsula, as envisaged in activities of the project "Strategy of the development of broadcasting in Kherson oblast and broadcasting organization on the territory of Crimea for 2016-2017".

- Thank you for the interview.

Maryna Synhaivska


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