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MIP Involves InformNapalm for Cooperation in Countering Russian Propagand

 In the framework of cooperation of the Ministry of Information Policy of Ukraine with well-known bloggers and information resources, it was agreed to attract the InformNapalm team to raise awareness and disseminate reliable facts of the Russian invasion to Ukraine, as well as place releases in international information resources.

 The InformNapalm team have been preparing unique materials and carrying out journalistic investigations throughout the year, identifying the units and invaded weaponry of Russian forces. The team not only filled the information vacuum of Ukrainian Internet segment, but also published relevant materials in over 10 languages for foreign audiences.

It worth mentioning that in February 2015 the MIP initiated the creation of Information Forces of Ukraine inviting information volunteers. Thus, social network users are planned by joint efforts to be united and mobilized in order to deliver credible information about the events in Ukraine and struggle against Russian propaganda.


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